UX-App : Mockup, Prototype & Share your work from any web browser

Web based mockup & prototyping tool, that provides more flexibility to users by directly styling html components & manipulating the full range of front end events using an intuitive drag & drop graphical programming language. Our model is a monthly subscription, starting @ $5/month with all features included.

no email, download, credit card or sign up required!

Create fully functional prototypes for Web & Mobile

Built with real html components, so you don’t have to write a single line of code.

100+ composable components – Drag and drop 100+ composable components to create complex designs & interactions.

Full component customization – Completely customize component styling to your preferred look & feel. Easily update styling to reach high fidelity test-ready prototypes.

Unique Advanced Containers – Use advanced containers like carousels, modal windows, tabs, accordions, galleries, maps and more to create complex interactions just like a production-ready website.

Prototype with Unrivalled Flexibility

Create elegant & thorough interactions. Describe any scenario.

15+ Events & 50+ Unique Actions – Use 15+ events and 50+ actions to create responsive prototypes & trigger events to show and hide UI elements as well as:

  • set scale
  • change rotation
  • 3d transform
  • update opacity
  • change dimensions
  • change position
  • update component text
  • and more!

Infinite Event Stacking & Customization – Add any number of events to every UX-App component, add any number of actions to any event! View events instantly by toggling preview mode.

Advanced features when you need them – Create complex interactions using variables, conditionals, equality operators, state tests, and even more!

Collaborate, Share & Export with Ease!

Manage your tasks, team & clients in one place. Export everything when you’re ready!

Collaborate with your Team – Invite any number of team members to comment on your designs, use team chat, reply to your notes, or create their own prototypes. Changes are instantly updated for the entire team.

Share your Work Effortlessly– Share a link to your prototypes & get feedback with clients or interest holders directly on your work

Export your Data – Export your design to PNG or fully functional html & JavaScript ready for testing and feedback.


Website : https://www.ux-app.com/