LIQVID is an India-based integrated e-learning content solutions startup.

LIQVID is a venture launched by key members of, which had established itself as India’s foremost eLearning brands, created over 8,000 hours of eLearning content and had tied-up with over 1,600 schools.

Based out of Noida, a suburb of New Delhi, India, LIQVID has world class infrastructure that delivers quality learning services that include Custom Content development, Training Design services, Technology Services, and Learning Support Services for Corporations, Academic Institutions and Government Organizations across the world.

LIQVID is based on two root words: ‘Liquidus’ – Latin for ‘fluid’ or ‘flowing’, and ‘Vid’ – Sanskrit for ‘to know’. Liquid, by definition, takes the shape of the mould. LIQVID’s philosophy hinges upon the idea of personalized learning – learning that takes the shape of the learner. With Fortune 500 Clients and top Training Institutions across the world as its Partners, LIQVID is the fastest growing integrated eLearning content solutions company from India.

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