GoChatz - Organize and share your social timeline

GoChatz – Organize and share your social timeline

GoChatz is a mobile chat and social networking service that enables its users to organize and share their social timeline across the past, present, and future.

GoChatz is athe best way to save and share experiences with your friends and the world around you. You can send a photo or video Stories to friends, chronicle your day through Story, touch base using Chat, immerse yourself in global events through Live, and enjoy handcrafted stories from the world’s top publishers on Discover.

Life is about context. It’s about having a past to reminisce, a present to enjoy, and a future to dream.

Take a picture, shoot a clip, or share a thought. Never lose another precious moment; live them today and relive it as you please tomorrow. On GoChatz, experience the most unique way to share life with friends. See more, live more, get going.