Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Frrole announced its next-generation innovation in Big Data analytics plans and social media insights – Frrole’s social intelligence. This powerful engine built by the team empowers Frrole with the aptitude to analyse hundreds of millions of data pieces in real-time by performing extensive analysis across semantic, metadata, and statistical dimensions to deliver accurate insights to its customers. To date, Frrole’s insights has helped build an impressive clientele which ranges from Fortune 500 companies to top global media and advertising agencies including Cheil, Mindshare, UB Group, Asian Paints, ESPN, Disney and Times of India to name a few.

On Frrole’s future, CEO and co-founder Amarpreet Kalkat shared, We really want to build a kind of product that people have not seen before. Not only in terms of business success, but also in terms of the kind of people we have, in terms of technology we build, in terms of our way of life, in terms of how we value customers and all other stakeholders. We think that social data is the best data set to understand the consumer, and if we can master it, we can build the Google of social web. We can build a company that touches each aspect of consumer understanding by a business and helps the business or the software become a whole lot more intelligent in how it interacts with the customer.”

Generally social listening products measures conversations happening on social media about a brand or product, but Frrole analyses these conversations to analyse what is happening truly inside your business. While most Social Analytics and Intelligence products available in the market provide results based on statistics and the first level of NLP, Frrole goes two levels deeper – building semantic context for each topic and tying it up with information available in the general and historical data sets.

About Frrole

Founded in 2014 by Amarpreet Kalkat, Frrole is a global social intelligence company started as a social data-as-a-service start-up with an ability to mine deep insights from social data. Based in Pal Alto (California, USA) and Bangalore (India), the company has raised an angel round of $245k led by angel investors in 2014. Frrole spent 4 months at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as part of its 3rd batch in Bangalore, India, at the end of which it raised its seed round from a group of angel investors, led by Sharad Sharma, Manav Garg and Rajan Anandan.  Frrole was among the “16 coolest startups in India” in 2014, an annual ranking published by Business Today. Frrole has a partnership with Twitter for elevated data access, and a media solutions partnership with Facebook.