Going to a cinema and waiting in a queue during the interval to get snacks feels irritating!

Similarly in a restaurant, waiting for a waiter just to give your order is not cool!

Now simply open DineSmart Mobile app from your seat, browse the menu and place your order. DineSmart is a mobile app which allows movie lovers to order food and snacks when they are inside the auditorium to enjoy uninterrupted movies. It’s an easy-access application for users to order sitting inside a cinema hall, hotel rooms and cafes/restaurants without depending on the waiter.

No more waiting/trouble in crowd. Download DineSmart App where u can order all your favorite food with few clicks. Spend the interval time with your beloved ones.

DineSmart is a product of LeoZues Technologies a Hyderabad based startup.

Download the app and start experiencing a smart way of dining!

Now available on the Play Store, App Store and Windows Store

Website : DineSmart